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Ian BryceApril 17, 2018

Contract Management Templates and Resources

Free excel templates for managing contracts - covering all stages of the contract lifecycle. Download them along with our Complete Guide to Contract Management Ebook. Expert resources to help you...

Ian BryceApril 16, 2018

How to track the performance of your key vendors

Once you've segmented your vendors, how do you measure their performance effectively? Let us show you how to develop the right KPIs and monitor them over time with this quick guide.

Patrick O'ConnorApril 12, 2018

Specialist contract management solution vs ERP

A common decision for businesses to make. Here we address the key advantages and disadvantages of using ERP solutions vs a dedicated contract management system. Make sure you know what questions to...

Ian BryceApril 10, 2018

How to manage supplier risk

How to identify and mitigate business risks, including the growing threat from cyber attacks and other information security issues. Clear, actionable steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of...

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