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Market IQ Risk Scoring and Profiling

Actionable market intelligence feeds

View aggregated data from thousands of data points across multiple vetted financial, industry and news sources 24/7/365.

"Gatekeeper is, from a product perspective, fantastic. It's well-built, lean in its design and incredibly easy to grasp and use."

Luke Stagg
Luke Stagg - DAC Beachcroft LLP

The "Google" for your counterparties and vendor records

All the data you need in one place directly stored against records in Gatekeeper, perfect for Legal and Finance teams.


Be the first to know

Daily alerts ensure any changes in credit score, management, ownership, legal issues and more are delivered exactly where you need them.  


“Great System. Vetted over 25 other systems and Gatekeeper rose to the top.”

Randall Wood
Randall S Wood - Associate Corporate Counsel, Cricut
Automatic Notifications of Risk Changes

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Automate Compliance

Discover issues early in the process and save valuable time and resources spent engaging with non-viable companies.


“Gatekeeper is our procurement platform of choice at The Telegraph. It’s a great system, well worth the investment.”

Telegraph avatar
Paul Wilkinson - Procurement Manager, The Telegraph
Workflow Risk Scoring
Email Notification with MarketIQ financial intelligence included

Delivered to your inbox

Get the live data you need across all features on our platform, across all channels.

System emails are decorated with automated Risk data. This empowers all teams, with and without access to Gatekeeper, to make signing decisions in context and with zero effort. 


Trigger mitigation workflows

Drive corporate mitigation procedures and inform key stakeholders using our industry-unique Kanban Workflow Engine

"Awesome tool! Awesome team to implement it."

Edwin Rivas
Edwin Rivas - Sales System Manager, Eldon Enclosures