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Gatekeeper For Finance Teams



Common Finance Challenges


Cost and Process Control

Responsibility for financial liabilities ultimately lies with the Finance team.

Disjointed approval processes for money spent and a lack of auditable history can lead to wasted spend and uncertainty over cashflow.


Risk Management

Understanding the risk profile of contracted counterparties and maintaining flawless compliance are both critical to managing financial risk.

Both can be hard to achieve with disparate data or systems that can’t be integrated. 


Real-time Reporting

Collating data from multiple spreadsheets and sources turns reporting into an administrative burden, rather than a business enabler.

Accurate, timely data is the key to implementing successful financial strategy.

The Gatekeeper Solution

Real-time Reporting & Visibility

All your contract data, in one place, with easy-to-access dashboards and reports. View in aggregate, or drill down to individual contract level for up-to-date information on spend vs forecast, obligations and key dates. 

Gain a clear view of forthcoming renewals and benefit from interactive Team and Category dashboards to create timely, in-depth reports about contract value and spend.

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Control & Track Organisational Spend

Identifying potential cost savings is a key driver to increasing profitability. Use category-level views to identify areas for cost-consolidation and use renewal timelines to renegotiate in timely fashion and avoid costly auto-renewals. 

Gatekeeper’s dedicated Spend Module and Dashboard offers even more granular insight across all of your business’s contracts.


Automated Approval Control & Tracking

As contracts move across multiple departments and locations, tracking and approving spend can be challenging.

Take back control and minimise risk by digitising your company’s processes. Transform fragmented activities into visual workflows, mandate approval paths and automate previously manual flows.

No matter how complex your contract procedures, our Kanban Workflow Engine gives you back control.


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Financial Risk Mitigation

Gatekeeper maintains full, flawless audit trails for all contracts and counterparties, including automating the request and storage of mandated documentation and certifications. 

Integrated risk profiling for vendors via Gatekeeper’s MarketIQ helps to minimise the risk of engaging with unsound partners and Balanced Scorecards help to add qualitative and quantitative assessments on an ongoing basis. 

Add the dedicated Risk Module and track individual contract risks through to resolution for further peace-of-mind.


Enterprise-Standard Information Security

As evidenced by Gatekeeper’s range of customers from tightly regulated industries, such as Financial Services and Healthcare, information security is a key feature of the platform. 

Gatekeeper’s combination of highly configurable access controls, Single-Sign On integrations and ISO certifications ensures information is kept secure at all times. 

Comprehensive audit trails provide a complete history of activity down to contract and vendor levels.

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Seamless Integrations

When it comes to finances, your business may be using multiple tools to track revenue and spend. From ERPs to CRMs, it’s crucial that every application and programme you use can talk to one another to increase visibility and facilitate accurate reporting.  

Gatekeeper’s open API supports integration for over 220 third-party solutions, including ERP, Finance, NetSuite (via dedicated SuiteApp) and Salesforce.