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Vendor Lifecycle Management

The best-in-class Vendor management platform

Gatekeeper is an all-in-one Vendor Lifecycle Management Platform built on automation, artificial intelligence and vendor-facing features, which combine to drive maximum value. 

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How Gatekeeper Works


Take control of new Vendor Requests

Deploy Gatekeeper’s simple-to-use Employee Portal to provide a secure interface for internal users to request new vendors and compliance reviews. 

Embed all required vendor data into the request process to remove the burden on your time and improve data quality. Receive only complete and compliant records for review.

Transform form data into vendor records in a single click with a complete audit trail.

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Seamless onboarding, powered by automation

Leverage our Vendor Portal and industry-unique Kanban Workflow Engine to automate vendor onboarding. Delegate the overhead on data and documentation to the Vendor to take back valuable time whilst improving data quality. 

Configure workflow phases for NDA eSign execution, InfoSec review and all other internal processes. Minimise your internal resource overhead and remove the dependency on email and hardcopy documentation. 

Update Vendor records, maintaining a full audit trail with a single click.

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Minimise approval times while tracking every step

Manage simple or complex approval routines with automatic email updates to all key stakeholders using our Kanban Workflow Engine.

Drive conditional approvals from any number of data fields such as Vendor Type or Risk Rating. Apply mandatory checklists to ensure internal processes are adopted and use SLAs to maintain momentum.

All approvals are automatically linked to Vendor Records creating a fully defensible and searchable audit trail.


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Contract Management

Vendor records and contract documents all in one place

Leverage the power of a combined all-in-one Vendor and Contract Lifecycle Management platform. 

Digitise your contract requests, authoring, performance management and eSignature in a single solution, powered by Artificial Intelligence. Take control of legacy data and never miss another contract renewal

Our unique Contract Process Automation™ (CPA) technology will centralise your data, reduce your risk, unlock cost savings and put you back in control.

Centralised contract and vendor repository


Automate protecting your business's interests

Automatically trigger compliance workflows based on document expiry, time-based reviews or any custom data type. 

Use Gatekeeper’s Vendor Portal to delegate the overhead of updating data and documentation directly to vendors, whilst retaining full control. 

Review and update records with a single click to ensure compliance with internal policies and regulations whilst maintaining a full, searchable and defensible audit trail.

Automate vendor compliance


Visualise and control your spend data

Import and analyse invoice data using our Spend Module to compare forecast vs actual spending and to ensure compliance with agreed spending limits and tiered pricing. 

Visualise summary data and drill down to invoice line-level to easily identify maverick spend. 

Import your spend data from any major Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Finance platform.

View Spend by Vendor with a customised dashboard

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Centralise, measure & mitigate your third party risk

Automatically calculate an overall ‘Risk Score’ from 'Probability' and 'Impact' variables to drive an open and defendable risk strategy. Categorise your risk by type, category and owner to drive prioritisation. 

Trigger our Kanban Workflow Engine using Risk Scores to initiate Risk Mitigation processes

Keep your auditors happy with our enterprise-grade log of all activity.



Drive maximum value from vendors

Gain visibility into the performance of your vendors and automate performance tracking using our native Balanced Scorecard module.

Use built-in, best-practice methodologies to drive accountability and increase ROI.  

Visualise and share data results to drive corrective management and enhance performance.



Use feedback to further deepen positive vendor relationships

Configure our flexible, public forms to replicate any internal or regulatory review process. Automatically trigger form distribution and use Gatekeeper’s  Vendor Portal to delegate the input of data and related documentation. 

Identify late responses and solve process bottlenecks with our visual Workflow Engine, whilst keeping your data secure and centralised.


Platform Features And Benefits



Our pricing model makes adoption and collaboration easy, helping drive the best return for your investment.



Gatekeeper has integration support for over 220 third party solutions, including Single-Sign-On (SSO) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Finance, Document Management Solution (DMS) and more.



Enterprise level security for all. Our platform is trusted by businesses in highly regulated industries such as healthcare and finance. ISO certifications and independent security testing reinforce our credentials.



Choose from five global locations to host your data and to meet your data sovereignty requirements.



Every contract and vendor action is recorded, time-stamped and tracked against the relevant record in an auditable timeline.

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Nothing to Install

As a cloud-based solution there is zero impact on your IT team. New updates and features are released automatically with detailed documentation and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Vendor Management Software?

Managing vendors effectively is a complex process, combining relationship management, risk mitigation, spend analysis, extensive communication and KPI tracking. 

Deploying the right technology solution will minimise the manual effort involved for all of these areas, while also ensuring that the maximum value can be extracted from vendors.

Delegate data upkeep from your internal team securely to your vendors while simultaneously maintaining flawless supplier records.

How long does it take to implement Gatekeeper?

This will vary depending on your current vendor management process, the number of vendors you have and the resources you can commit to the implementation phase.

We have a specialist onboarding and implementation team to help you get up and running, with experience across a wide variety of businesses.

With Gatekeeper being cloud-based, you'll have access immediately to begin adding your data and generating insights. Implementation takes anywhere from 4-12 weeks, depending on your plan and progress.

What customers do you have in my sector?

You can see some of our customers here, including some video testimonials.

We work with businesses across most sectors, including Financial Services, Healthcare, Technology and Non-Profit.

Where will my data be stored?

Wherever you need it to be. Gatekeeper uses Amazon Web Services (AWS), with five global instances to respect your data sovereignty requirements.

Choose to host your data in one of two US instances or in Europe, Asia or Australia. Find out more on our Enterprise Page.