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A Branded Vendor POrtal for Registration, Onboarding, Ongoing Management & Collaboration


Deploy a branded and customised Vendor Portal

Manage your Vendor relationships through a branded Vendor Portal hosted on your own URL. Manage access to information and delegate data input to your vendor base using unlimited public forms.


“We chose to partner with Gatekeeper as their Vendor Portal technology was by far the most intuitive we evaluated. Our challenge was to secure accurate master data and compliance information from over 3,500 suppliers across Europe. We simply didn’t have the manpower to take on this challenge alone. Gatekeeper's Vendor Portal technology and the supporting team are a vital partner for the SCC procurement and commercial teams moving forward.”

Andy Wright
Andy Wright - Commercial Director, SCC.com
Branded Vendor Portal
Automate vendor onboarding

Automate vendor onboarding and compliance

Our AI layer will Autobuild™ user and vendor records from a single email address. Enhance your vendor's experience and your master data quality via a vendor portal solution. 

FNZ 70

“Due Diligence automation initial findings showed we took the average time from 40 days to 27 days for completion of the process.”

Alison McQuaker - Head of Supplier Management, FNZ Group
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Visualise all vendor processes

Configure and trigger our industry-unique Kanban Workflow Engine to visualise vendor onboarding, vendor invitation, documentation updates and performance reviews. 

Vendor Onboarding Workflow


Extensive integration support for over 220 third party solutions including NetSuite, all major Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Finance platforms to sync all supplier master data.

External Data Feeds

Our extensible AI layer can leverage hundreds of external feeds to be alerted on significant financial, market and managerial changes.

Market intelligence feeds
Vendor Dashboard

Make your auditors happy

Run from the comprehensive reporting suite including CFPB compliance. Every action taken against every vendor record is recorded and tracked against users for future reference.

Vendor Portal Features & Benefits


Track and share performance data to enhance Vendor value. Use the Gatekeeper messaging platform to collaborate with your third parties via a centralised vendor portal solution and repository.


Secure public forms allow Vendor submissions to safely update key records on Approval.


View your Vendors by category to easily identify consolidation opportunities. Reduce your Vendor tail spend and build deeper more valuable relationships delivering significant hard and soft savings.


Configure conditional workflows and related approvals between internal departments

Professional Services Include:

  • Project Management
  • Data Analysis and Management
  • Training
  • Documentation and User Guides
  • Legal templates (Terms & Conditions)
  • Vendor Support
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