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Gatekeeper for Healthcare



Protect patient privacy & business compliance

If your business is relying on fragmented storage methods for its contracts, it's likely this will lead to several versions of the 'truth' being recorded.

Build a clear line of sight for your portfolio, eliminate inaccuracies and improve version control.

In the case of a HIPAA or equivalent audit, having all your business's agreements organised in one place allows for efficient retrieval of necessary documentation and reporting to demonstrate compliance.

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A view of Gatekeeper's dashboard where you can see everything in one place.
Renewals dashboard within Gatekeeper showing an automated alert

Keep vital services operational

For healthcare providers that use or distribute medical devices or pharmaceuticals, contracts with vendors and manufacturers must comply with FDA, or equivalent regulations.

Missed renewals or expired contracts could lead to using non-compliant products, impacting patient safety and legal compliance.

VCLM software allows you to track key dates easily, receive automated alerts when a renewal is due and allow you to prioritise business continuity.

The Gatekeeper team added tremendous value throughout the implementation process and surpassed my expectations. They did all the heavy lifting.” - Scarlet King, Senior Director of Strategic Sourcing
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Achieve data excellence

Without digitalised, standardised ways of working, healthcare businesses may have no real structure to how data is recorded and stored.

This can have serious implications in areas such as billing, compliance with HIPAA regulations, and maintaining accreditation standards defined by The Joint Commission, for example.

VCLM software eliminates reliance on manual data input that is often vulnerable to human error. With AI Extract- powered by by GPT-4o - key metadata is automatically and accurately extracted into the repository. 

A screenshot showing OCR search within Gatekeeper

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Automate obligation management

Effectively managing a multitude of vendor contracts and obligations is a matter of operational integrity.

Utilising outdated processes like spreadsheets for managing obligations exposes your healthcare business to significant risks.

Our Workflow Engine automates and streamlines critical processes so you can comply with regulations such as Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, which require timely and accurate contract management.

We've already saved $97,000 for the following year because there was a contract, it went through the workflow, and we were able to evaluate whether we wanted it or not. The answer was no. We sent the termination out so by itself, just one one workflow, one card saved us 97 grand." - Healthcare customer
A screenshot showing a Contract Review Workflow
A screenshot of Market IQ Suite within Gatekeeper

Ensure vendor compliance

Unforeseen vendor issues can disrupt patient care and services, causing non-compliance with healthcare regulations which may lead to costly fines. 

MarketIQ offers real-time notifications and comprehensive risk assessment capabilities of your vendors. 

Whether it's Finance, Cyber or ESG risks, you can take preventative, remedial action. Gatekeeper allows you to safeguard compliance in a complex and highly regulated environment.

Manage spend effectively

Monitoring and managing spending is fundamental for cost control, resource optimisation, and financial stability.

Elevate transparency by accessing dedicated dashboards that offer a comprehensive view of your healthcare organisation's actual spending compared to forecasts.

Gatekeeper seamlessly integrates with your existing ERP system and finance systems such as NetSuite. This holistic perspective enables informed consolidation decisions.

A screenshot showing Gatekeeper's Spend Dashboard

Gatekeeper allows you to: 


  • Restore contract visibility by centralising all your agreements in a single location
  • Automatically extract key metadata which minimises human error & improves accuracy
  • Manage renewals proactively with automated reminders based on key dates 
  • Modernise your vendor and contract management approach via automated workflows
  • Build a holistic view of spend which is particularly helpful during periods of growth
  • Prepare for audits easily without spending hours searching for evidence