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Processing multiple NDAs each month?

Gatekeeper could pay for itself through efficiency savings. Find out More >>

Processing multiple NDAs each month?


Touchless Contracts™

The World's First and Only Touchless Contract Management™ Platform


Self-Service Contracts at Scale

Generate fully-compliant records and legally-binding contracts without lifting a finger. Centralise all your contract boilerplates to automate eSigned contracts or a fully-managed redline negotiation.


“The system has delivered on our expectation. Its easy to use, and has already brought clarity to our contract and vendor relationships“

Trophy Automotive Group
Tim Devine - Trophy Automotive Group
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AI AutoBuild™ Accurate Data using External Feeds.

Our AI layer will AutoBuild™ user and counterparty metadata using hundreds of validated external data feeds. Convert user email addresses to fully-decorated records. 


Unlimited, Legally-Compliant eSignature Licences

The Gatekeeper platform includes unlimited user licences and eSignature licences, leveraging our native technology and compliant with ESIGN, UETA and European eIDAS standards


“The product is strong and is constantly evolving and improving. Staff are always knowledgeable and personable.“

Christina Loescher
Christina Loescher - Vendor Management, Faegre Drinker
Unlimited esignatures

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Integrated & Automated Vendor Risk Management

Use Gatekeeper's Market IQ to automate Vendor credit and risk scores during the initial NDA process to surface unfit suppliers and save valuable management time. 



“Gatekeeper is our procurement platform of choice at The Telegraph. It’s a great system, well worth the investment.”

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Paul Wilkinson - Procurement Manager, The Telegraph
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Fully Integrated with the Gatekeeper Portals

Automatically generate boilerplate contracts during Vendor onboarding with our Vendor Portal and provide your team with a secure way to request and monitor the status of new agreements with our Employee Portal

Master Contract Records Provide Full Compliance

All Touchless Contracts™ are linked to master data records, automating ongoing renewal management. No more eSigned documents siloed in online storage. 

Lincoln Investment

“It is my job to find the best technology in Financial Services - I selected Gatekeeper.”

Guru Rao
Guru Rao - VP Technology. Lincoln Investments
eSign Master Record

Gatekeeper Touchless Contracts™ allow you to: 


  • Generate any boilerplate contract with no input from legal
  • Send this to any existing or new vendor
  • Automate all record generation (Vendor, Vendor User, Contract, Contract Template)
  • AutoSend in PDF for eSignature
  • AutoSend in MS Word to eNegotiate (redline negotiation)
  • AutoGenerate an NDA for a Vendor during onboarding via the Vendor Portal
  • AutoSend in MS Word via eNegotiate & AutoSend in PDF for eSignature if the initial Draft is accepted
  • Support new Contract & Vendor requests across the business with our Employee Portal
  • Store a complete audit trail within the Counterparty, Contract, Contract Template & eSign records