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Gatekeeper for NetSuite

The leading Oracle NetSuite accredited CLM provider on SuiteApp.com

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Minimise contract risk with complete visibility of your contracts and vendors. Manage your portfolio by syncing all information between Gatekeeper and NetSuite. Use our secure central repository and data sync to see all information in a single place.



Digitise and automate internal processes within NetSuite. Control everything from your contract approval process through to Vendor spend and use Gatekeeper’ dashboards to see critical information and make informed business decisions. 



Achieve frictionless compliance by always working with complete and accurate records. Delegate data entry into Gatekeeper and sync all information seamlessly with NetSuite SuiteApp. Be proactive rather than reactive with knowledge of your contracts and vendors. 


Designed for Finance Teams

Finance teams are given complete peace of mind with a Netsuite native application, built on mature SDLC processes. Gatekeeper is Built for NetSuite™ (BFN) Certified.

This seamless sync of data means Finance teams can have confidence that the data is accurate and that it won't land with them until it is approved.

Eliminate double-entry or potential for error and allows for seamless continuity from Vendor --> Approval Workflow --> Vendor all inside NetSuite.


"A perfect implementation and a system that delivers on expectations. User friendly!"

Anita Westman
Anita Westman - Procurement Director, Swedish Match
Contract Lifecycle Management

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OracleNetSuite ON_SuiteCloud BuiltforON
Data Sync & Vendor Portal support

Full Vendor Data Sync & Vendor Portal support

Self-service Vendor onboarding and vetting with data sync, including W-8 & W-9 tax form collection.

Manage your Vendor relationships through a branded Vendor Portal hosted on your own URL. Manage access to information and delegate data input to your vendor base. 


Control your Contract Approval Processes

Digitise core processes and automate contract record creation in NetSuite, leveraging our full app ecosystem.

Delegate data entry by exposing public-facing digital forms, giving you back time and control. Generate contract and vendor records using the form data in a single click.


“Great System. Vetted over 25 other systems and Gatekeeper rose to the top.”

Randall Wood
Randall S Wood - Associate Corporate Counsel, Cricut
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Control NetSuite Vendor Spend

Sync Vendor Bills to analyse Vendor and Contract level forecast vs actual spend.

Visualise your Vendor bill data with our interactive dashboards providing insight into all related objects, and the ability to drill down to detailed reports that drive all widgets.

Gatekeeper SuiteApp Architecture


Gatekeeper + NetSuite Overview 
Discover how our exclusive integration can support your business.

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Unlimited eSign licences for all NetSuite users

Fully integrated, legally-compliant eSignatures enabling fast execution of business agreements.

Maintain flawless audit trails with an automated, visual and defendable history of every stage of the eSignature process.


The Workflow Engine for NetSuite

Built for NetSuite integration allows the seamless transfer of data including advanced field mapping.

Digitise any form-based company process and break down complex workflows into visual phases with NetSuite data sync.



“Gatekeeper is our procurement platform of choice at The Telegraph. It’s a great system, well worth the investment.”

Paul Wilkinson, Procurement Manager - The Telegraph

Advanced NetSuite Field-Mapping Support

Full control over configuration within Gatekeeper including all core and customer field mapping.

Manage the mapping of Gatekeeper and NetSuite data and related trigger states all in one place. 

"Awesome tool! Awesome team to implement it."

Edwin Rivas
Edwin Rivas - Digitalization Specialist | Sales Systems Manager, nVent HOFFMAN
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NetSuite deployment process

Built for NetSuite™ (BFN) Certified

Complete peace of mind with a Netsuite native application, built on mature SDLC processes. 

Our certified and productised SuiteApp delivers a seamless integration with SuiteSign SSO support and version compatibility.

Pricing from $720 per month