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Contract Management Software

Gain Maximum Value From Your Business Agreements

track Key Dates, Spend & Risks All from a secure, Central Contract Repository

Gatekeeper's Contract Management Dashboard

Take Control Today:

Contract Lifecycle Management Made Easy
A Secure & Centralised Repository for All Business Contracts
Simple & Reliable Renewals Management
Easily Identify Areas for Cost Reduction
Capture Risk & Compliance Status Against Each Record
Best Practice Workflow Templates Included
Monitor Spend by Category/Department/Business Unit
Fully Customisable to Match Your Business Requirements
Secure Messaging System to Drive Automation
Access Gatekeeper any time on any device

Gatekeeper allows you to centrally store and manage all of your contract and supplier information in the cloud.

  • Secure Access Controlled Via Central Admin
  • Automate Your Processes to Save Time
  • A Fully Auditable Record of All Contract Activity
  • Visualise all Upcoming Dates
  • Communicate Directly With Your Partners
  • Track Obligations & Events
  • Unlimited Users on All Plans

All in one place - Company wide.

Neil Jones

“Gatekeeper is now a key global system of record for CBRE.”

Matt Langley - Commercial Director, CBRE

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Contract Management Software?

At a high level, contract management software helps businesses save time, reduce costs and minimise their business risks.

By providing full visibility over your contract database, automation tools to remove manual work and the ability to monitor and track contract performance, contract management software unlocks the full value of your agreements.

It's estimated that poor contract management costs businesses an average of just over 9% of annual revenue.

How would an extra 9% look on your business's annual revenue?

What customers do you have in my sector?

You can see some of our customers here, including some video testimonials.

We work with businesses across most sectors, including Financial Services, Healthcare, Technology and Non-Profit.

What parts of the Contract Lifecycle does Gatekeeper cover?

Gatekeeper helps manage all stages of the contract lifecycle, from inception, through sign-off to renewal and closeout.

Automation and digital workflows help to take the manual work out of contract generation, approval processes and performance management freeing up your teams to intervene only as required.

Have a look at how our eNegotiate, eSign and Kanban Workflow features work to optimise your contract lifecycle processes.

How long does it take to implement Gatekeeper?

This will vary depending on your current contract management process, the number of contracts you have and the resource you can commit to the implementation phase.

We have a specialist onboarding and implementation team to help you get up and running, with experience across a wide variety of businesses.

With Gatekeeper being cloud-based, you'll have access immediately to begin adding your data and generating insights. Implementation takes anywhere from 4-12 weeks, depending on your plan and progress.

Where will my data be stored?

Wherever you need it to be. Gatekeeper uses Amazon Web Services, with five global instances to respect your data sovereignty requirements.

Choose to host you data in one of two US instances or in Europe, Asia or Australia. Find out more on our Enterprise Page.

Do you offer discounts for nonprofits and charities?

Yes. Please speak to a Customer Success Manager for more information.