Crush Chaos & Complexity


Unique workflow engine designed to visualise all your company processes

Total Clarity

Transform complex, fragmented processes into centralised, visual Kanban workflow ‘boards’.

Bring Order to Chaos

Digitise any form-based company process and break down complex workflows into visual phases.

"A perfect implementation and a system that delivers on expectations. User friendly!"

Anita Westman
Anita Westman - Procurement Director, Indirect Material & Services at Swedish Match
Clear view of your company processes and progress
Delegate Data Entry - Create External Forms

Delegate Data Entry

Initiate company processes such as contract requests using public-facing digital forms, putting you back control.

Build Records Automatically

Transform form data into contract and supplier records in a single click with a complete audit trail.

Delegate data

Ready to take back control?

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Approval Control and Tracking

Manage simple or complex approvals routines and set mandatory checklists.

Manage by Exception

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) on each phase identify bottlenecks and can automatically trigger escalations.


“Gatekeeper is our procurement platform of choice at The Telegraph. It’s a great system, well worth the investment.”

Telegraph avatar
Paul Wilkinson - Procurement Manager, The Telegraph
Monitor approval processes and create checklists
Simple workflow management - complex logic

Crush Complexity

Trigger workflows and drive transitions using any data field or business rule whilst retaining a simplified single view.

Measure and Refine

Build funnel views and key statistics from each workflow giving you the data you need to iterate and improve.


“Team have been very helpful and friendly during the implementation phase, the system itself is straightforward and has added value from day 1.”

Pets avatar
Richard Tyacke, Legal Counsel, Pets at Home

Best Practice Included

Select from our best practice workflow template library to manage contract renewals, employee requests, supplier onboarding, documentation updates and sourcing.


Lincoln Investment

“It is my job to find the best technology in Financial Services - I selected Gatekeeper.”

Guru Rao
Guru Rao - VP Technology. Lincoln Investments
Best Practice Workflow Library