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Gatekeeper for Financial Services 

The leading Vendor & Contract Platform  for Banking, FinTech & asset Management for iNSURANCE firms

A product screenshot of the Market IQ Suite from Gatekeeper, showing historical performance and credit ratings.

Enhance vendor due diligence

Inconsistent vendor management processes can increase your business’s risk of non-compliance with its regulatory responsibilities

This includes AML, KYC, SOX and rules laid out by the FCA & SEC. If your vendors aren't compliant, neither is your business.

Mandate data structure and compliance at the point of collection using Gatekeeper's Public Forms. Enable vendors to provide required information so you can safeguard compliance, minimise legal risks and reduce admin overheads.

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A Gatekeeper product screenshot demonstrating how mandatory data can be requested from vendors
A Gatekeeper dashboard demonstrating MarketIQ information, including credit limit and risk scores

Manage third-party risks in real time

A lack of standardised processes for vetting, onboarding and monitoring vendors can expose your business to high levels of risk.

The Market IQ  Suite allows you to identify & mitigate third-party risk with ease. Receive notifications about changes in vendor credit scores, credit limits, cybersecurity risks, and ESG compliance.

Take remedial measures to avoid operational disruption, financial penalties and non-compliance.

Krupa Patel from Funding Circle
"Gatekeeper gives us excellent control and visibility of spend, which we have never had before. We have been able to terminate contracts that no longer serve us with a total value of circa £1m. ” - Krupa Patel, Head of Procurement UK & US (Global), Funding Circle
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Realise revenue, faster

Manual vendor onboarding and process bottlenecks can delay time-to-contract, frustrate vendor relationships and increase legal risk. 

Take control and drive efficiencies with our powerful combination of  Vendor Portal and Workflow Engine.

Automate vendor onboarding & contract approvals, identify and resolve bottlenecks, standardise internal processes and start delivering value sooner. 

Len OHanlon from Police Bank
"The system is responsive, intuitive, and very easy to use. It’s also highly configurable meaning we can adapt the workflow modules to cater for changes in outsourcing standards or regulatory requirements." - Len O’Hanlon, Head of Procurement, Police Bank
A screenshot of Gatekeeper, showing its automated workflows for dealing with insurance expiries - including vendor notifications.

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Build a single source of truth

No more surprises when it comes to contracts and obligations. Maintain flawless, compliant vendor records with ease.

Storing agreements in spreadsheets and registers leads to poor visibility and a lack of control around contractual commitments.

Use a centralised, searchable vendor and contract repository to capture all agreements and create a single source of truth.

Jess MEM
"Gatekeeper has made the contracting and vendor management process more visible across the business and has made life considerably easier for those involved.” - Jessica Helmka, Corporate Compliance Specialist, Missouri Employers Mutual (MEM)
A screenshot demonstrating Gatekeeper's contract repository and the information users can see
Gatekeeper product screenshot showing a contract renewal alert

Create seven-figure savings

Gatekeeper customers drive immediate and ongoing savings by uncovering opportunities for cost consolidation, while gaining foresight of all contract renewals.

Our Vendor and Contract Lifecycle Management (VCLM) platform delivers automated notifications for upcoming notice period dates, expiry dates and renewals. 

Timely termination or renegotiation, combined with superior processes leads to better outcomes and dramatic improvements to the bottom line.

Sarah Roberto
"With the implementation of Gatekeeper, our team has been able to create a clear overview and assist all parts of the business to maintain that control.” - Sarah Roberto, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, Mollie

The key benefits of Gatekeeper for Finance are: 


  • Centralise vendor and contract records, so you can work from a single source of truth 
  • Prevent unwanted auto-renewals & terminate contracts with automated notifications
  • Create a complete view of vendor spend so you can identify consolidation opportunities 
  • Access third-party risk intelligence data, allowing you to safeguard compliance
  • Automate vendor onboarding & streamline vendor management processes 
  • Use Public Forms to mandate due diligence data to vendors