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Industry-Leading Vendor Performance Management

Vendor Scorecard Dashboard

Gain visibility into the performance of your Vendors

Measure, collect and analyse your vendors' performance using automated surveys.


“The system has delivered on our expectation. Its easy to use, and has already brought clarity to our contract and vendor relationships“

Trophy Automotive Group
Tim Devine - Trophy Automotive Group
Effective visual representation of vendor performance against key categories
Vendor Performance Quadrant

Visualise data results to drive corrective management

Leverage best practice methodologies to compare your vendors, using key criteria.


Give key stakeholders a voice

Scheduled surveys automate data collection and provide vital insights. Emails, Excel sheets and manual work NOT required.


Rate vendors by key criteria

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Automate performance tracking over time

Measure the metrics that matter using automated surveys and Scorecards.


“Gatekeeper is our procurement platform of choice at The Telegraph. It’s a great system, well worth the investment.”

Telegraph avatar
Paul Wilkinson - Procurement Manager, The Telegraph
Track vendor performance over time with ease
At-a-glance view of vendor's relative scores

Drive accountability and ROI

Measure adherence to key performance indicators (KPIs) across key vendors.


“Team have been very helpful and friendly during the implementation phase, the system itself is straightforward and has added value from day 1.”

Pets avatar
Richard Tyacke, Legal Counsel, Pets at Home

Reward and consolidate

Invest in key strategic partners increasing returns and reduce your vendor base to drive efficiency.

Lincoln Investment

“It is my job to find the best technology in Financial Services - I selected Gatekeeper.”

Guru Rao
Guru Rao - VP Technology. Lincoln Investments
See quickly which vendors are performing at required levels