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Gatekeeper for Salesforce

An advanced, native Salesforce two-way integration

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Close Deals Faster

Unlock the Power of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) for Salesforce with seamless integration with Gatekeeper.

Trigger the creation of pre-approved Contract templates to deliver faster, more compliant deals and increased revenue.

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"Before Gatekeeper, our contracts were everywhere and nowhere."

Anastasiia Sergeeva - Legal Operations Manager, BlaBlaCar
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Full System Status Synchronisation

Our custom Salesforce widget provides full status visibility, allowing the Sales team to live only in Salesforce and the Legal team only in Gatekeeper.

Every stage of the Gatekeeper contract process can be tracked automatically within Salesforce, including auto Closed-Won upon signature.


Stop Data Entry Duplication

Our advanced two-way sync provides the full power of Gatekeeper within your Salesforce instance.

Customer and Contract records are automatically created from data in Salesforce ensuring the correct information is entered into every contract.


“Gatekeeper is that friendly tap on the shoulder, to remind me what needs our attention.”

Donna Roccoforte - Paralegal, Hakkasan Group
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Standard and Custom Salesforce Configuration Support

Gatekeeper for Salesforce supports out-of-the-box configuration and data sync across standard SFDC objects including Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts and Contracts.

The Gatekeeper SFDC architecture can also be configured to support custom objects and field mapping for heavily customised Salesforce environments.

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Engage Legal Only When Needed

Automatically trigger pre-approved Contracts to customers for rapid close times with no legal input required whilst maintaining flawless compliance.

Empower customers to request changes and pass control automatically to legal to manage end-to-end eNegotiations, enhancing departmental efficiency.


"Awesome tool! Awesome team to implement it."

Edwin Rivas
Edwin Rivas - Digitalization Specialist | Sales Systems Manager, nVent HOFFMAN

Unlimited eSign Licenses For All Salesforce Users

All Gatekeeper instances include unlimited legally-compliant eSignatures, enabling fast execution of sales agreements. 

Maintain complete eSignature audit trails with an automated and visual timeline of every stage of the eSignature process.