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Ian BryceMay 23, 2018

What is Vendor Management?

A simple, usable definition of vendor management. Also discover what some of the key day-to-day activities are when conducting vendor management on behalf of a business. Finally, we cover the areas...

Rod LinsleyMay 18, 2018

What Makes A Great Contract Manager? (Part 2 of 2)

In part two of our series on what makes an effective contract manager, we look at the nine key functional skills required to be successful. Read specific advice on what to expect and what you'll need...

Rod LinsleyMay 18, 2018

What Makes A Great Contract Manager? (Part 1 of 2)

The first of two articles which outline the skills and attributes required to be a successful contract manager. Learn which personal characteristics are vital for success as well as the areas of...

Ian BryceMay 14, 2018

Contract Management Automation: The Ultimate Efficiency Boost for In-House Legal Teams

Learn how to automate contract management in your legal team, and how it will free up your resources to focus on adding the value only they can. Create an efficient, repeatable process to improve...

Ian BryceMay 2, 2018

Six Signs Your Business Needs a Contract Management System

What are the tell-tale signs that your business needs a contract management solution? Here we break down six of the most common reasons we hear from our customers and show how the right solution can...

Rod LinsleyApril 30, 2018

How to manage online contracts (Part 2 of 2)

In this second part of our blog series about managing online contracts we cover off how to resolve any issues or risks you're facing and then reduce the chance of any further risks in the future....

Rod LinsleyApril 30, 2018

How to manage online contracts (Part 1 of 2)

Online contracts can be convenient but can also present risks to your business. Here we define what they are, what signing them means and what the associated risks are. Includes some recent examples...

Ian BryceApril 27, 2018

Nine questions to ask when buying a contract management solution

When you're in the buying process for a contract management solution, it can be easy to overlook some details which later turn out to be important. Use our quick checklist to make sure you're asking...

Ian BryceApril 18, 2018

Contract Management Templates and Resources

Free excel templates and tools for managing contracts - covering all stages of the contract lifecycle. Download them along with our Complete Guide to Contract Management Ebook. Expert resources to...

Ian BryceApril 16, 2018

How to track the performance of your key vendors

Once you've segmented your vendors, how do you measure their performance effectively? Let us show you how to develop the right KPIs and monitor them over time with this quick guide.

Patrick O'ConnorApril 12, 2018

Specialist contract management solution vs ERP

A common decision for businesses to make. Here we address the key advantages and disadvantages of using ERP solutions vs a dedicated contract management system. Make sure you know what questions to...

Ian BryceApril 11, 2018

How to manage supplier risk

How to identify and mitigate business risks, including the growing threat from cyber attacks and other information security issues. Clear, actionable steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of...

Rod LinsleyApril 5, 2018

What is a contract?

A simple definition of what a contract is, what makes a contract valid and what are some standard contract elements.

Rod LinsleyMarch 27, 2018

How to prepare your business for contract lifecycle management - collecting your business's...

Following on from Part 1 of our series on preparing your business for contract lifecycle management, we now show you how to collect your business's contracts. It's a process that requires buy-in from...

Rod LinsleyMarch 27, 2018

How to prepare your business for contract lifecycle management (Part 1 of 2)

After submitting your business case for implementing contract lifecycle management, what does it take to actually get your business ready to adopt it? In this first part of two, find out about...

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