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Rod LinsleyFebruary 7, 2020

An Introduction to Contract Risk

Introducing the concept of contract risk and breaking it down into various examples of Direct and Indirect Risks, what businesses should be aware of and how they should approach managing it.

Rod LinsleyAugust 1, 2019

How Proverbial Wisdom Can Help Improve Contract Risk Mitigation

Find out how two well known proverbs can be applied to contract management to guide risk mitigation activities. Includes a free contract summary template for helping to capture the vital contract...

Ian BryceJuly 26, 2018

How your Contract Management process is adding risk to your business

Risks are present in all aspects of a business but particularly in relation to contracts with third parties. Without robust oversight, these risks can grow significantly. Find out how your contract...

Rod LinsleyApril 30, 2018

How to manage online contracts (Part 2 of 2)

In this second part of our blog series about managing online contracts we cover off how to resolve any issues or risks you're facing and then reduce the chance of any further risks in the future....

Rod LinsleyApril 30, 2018

How to manage online contracts (Part 1 of 2)

Online contracts can be convenient but can also present risks to your business. Here we define what they are, what signing them means and what the associated risks are. Includes some recent examples...

Ian BryceApril 10, 2018

How to manage supplier risk

How to identify and mitigate business risks, including the growing threat from cyber attacks and other information security issues. Clear, actionable steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of...

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