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Ian BryceSeptember 25, 2018

How to assess your Contract Management capabilities

How do your business's current contract management capabilities measure up? What are the steps to take to unlock the value in your existing contract set? Here we explain how the Gartner maturity...

Ian BryceSeptember 5, 2018

Two things you MUST do before selecting a contract management solution

Choosing the right contract management solution can be difficult. Complete these two tasks first and you'll make the decision easier and more likely to be the right one in the long term.

Ian BryceAugust 23, 2018

The Operations Playbook - Driving Business Growth with Technology

A key part of the role of Operations is choosing the right technology to help your business grow. In this article, we speak to Ops professionals about their approach to selecting software and hear...

Ian BryceAugust 21, 2018

5 reasons you shouldn't wait to invest in a contract management system

It can be tempting to hold off investing in a contract management solution. In this article we outline the reasons why it makes sense to invest sooner rather than later so you can start making the...

Rod LinsleyAugust 20, 2018

How to review a contract

Reviewing a contract can be a complex process. Read our step-by-step guide, which lays out the five areas to focus on and gives practical advice for each step. Get the maximum value for your...

Ian BryceAugust 14, 2018

Why centralising your data won't solve all your contract management issues

Centralising your data is a great first step to improving your contract management processes. However, it's not a solution on its own. Find out about the other key pillars of successful contract...

Ian BryceJuly 26, 2018

How your Contract Management process is adding risk to your business

Risks are present in all aspects of a business but particularly in relation to contracts with third parties. Without robust oversight, these risks can grow significantly. Find out how your contract...

Ian BryceJuly 25, 2018

What is RBAC and how is it applied in Gatekeeper?

An explainer on RBAC - what it is, why is it important and how is it used in Gatekeeper to simplify contract and vendor management.

Ian BryceJuly 20, 2018

44 crucial questions you can answer with a Contract Management Solution

How will having a contract management system help your business? Here we list 44 crucial business questions you'll be able to answer if you have a solution in place. Find out how to drive maximum...

Ian BryceJuly 5, 2018

The problem with monthly price-per-user for a contract management solution

Here we explain why paying per-user, per-month for a contract management solution might not be the right option for your business. Let us help you weigh up your priorities and make the right...

Rod LinsleyJuly 3, 2018

Why IT Contracts Can Be Hard Work for Contract Managers

Requiring specialist technical knowledge as well as a fundamental grasp of contract management, IT contracts present a complex challenge to any business looking to be successful. Here we explore some...

Ian BryceJune 27, 2018

What is Kanban and how is it applied in Gatekeeper?

The system of Kanban originated in Toyota in the 1940s. Read about the principles and then see how it's applied in Gatekeeper to help optimise your contract management and vendor onboarding, as well...

Ian BryceJune 19, 2018

15 Take-aways From SaaStr Europa 2018

15 key take-aways from SaaStr's first European event - in June 2018. Insights from sales guru Aaron Ross and a host of other thought-leaders.

Rod LinsleyJune 11, 2018

Contract Jargon-Buster

A handy list of commonly used legal terms found in contracts, and their meanings. If you're not a legal professional then the chances are you can benefit from this contract glossary, which will...

Ian BryceMay 31, 2018

How to make the most of contract renewals - A simple three-step process

Making the most of your opportunities to renew contracts is a key part of effective contract management. Follow our simple 3-step process to make sure you're best placed to get the most value from...

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