Gatekeeper Implementation | Project Charter


To ensure the successful implementation of Gatekeeper, we would like to agree on the following Project Charter with you.

This ensures 100% clarity on our mutual engagement and supports our Implementation Consultant to work with your team to secure value with Gatekeeper most efficiently and effectively. 

Your Gatekeeper Project Team

Gatekeeper will provide you with named team members with the following responsibilities.

Role name Description Responsibilities Time Period
Account Executive

The team member that worked with you through the buying process.

They will have supported you in documenting the agreed Success Criteria for the initial phase of your Project.

They are your Commercial Contact. They will have agreed on the terms of your initial Order and will also be responsible for discussing changes to your Subscription and your renewals. Ongoing
Implementation Consultant (IC) Your assigned Implementation Consultant (IC) will guide your appointed Gatekeeper Administrator (GA) through the configuration of Gatekeeper during each week of the implementation timeline. Guiding and assisting your Gatekeeper Administrator (GA) through Implementation including training for each milestone to ensure your GA is empowered to configure the platform for your ongoing, long-term success. *

‘X’ Weeks

They will have a fixed Start and End Date agreed with you.

Customer Success Manager (CSM) Your primary point of contact at Gatekeeper, our CSM team is dedicated to your success on our platform. Ensuring your lasting ROI on our platform and supporting you with advice on how to best leverage our platform. Ongoing



In the unlikely event, you are unhappy with the service received from one of your Gatekeeper Project Team, the following escalation avenues can be requested:

Level Role Name Responsibilities
 1st Regional Professional Services Leader Leading the function and team within the region.
2nd Regional Customer Success Leader Leading the function and team within the region.
3rd Head of Revenue Leading the Customer Success Teams globally.
4th CEO Leading the company.


Your Team

Role name Description Responsibilities Time period
Implementation Project Lead The main point of contact for Gatekeeper during the implementation. Coordination of resources to ensure availability during the Project. Entire project duration.
Gatekeeper Administrator (GA)

The user or users that will be trained on the configuration of Gatekeeper. 

This may be a group of users and/or the same person as the Implementation Project Lead.

Configuration of Gatekeeper, attending each weekly call and ensuring they invest at least 7 hours per week during the implementation timeline to learn the platform using the resources made available by the IC. * Entire relationship.
IT Lead A technical contact for any configuration of SSO or integration services listed on your order form.  Ensuring the appropriate technical responses are provided to support the configuration of Gatekeeper. As needed. 


*Should you be unable or unwilling to provide a GA for the project, we can provide an additional 'Managed Implementation' and 'Managed Tenant' service, subject to additional costs. 

Joint Implementation Commitments

All Gatekeeper implementation projects have a defined start and end date along with weekly calls to ensure project momentum to secure first value for you and get you operational on our platform.

To ensure the availability of implementation resources, we listed our joint commitment to you and our expected turnaround time from our respective teams.

Project Item Gatekeeper Commitment Your commitment
Project Duration - 5 -21 weeks (dependent on your Plan and Modules)

Project team resources applied for the entire Project Duration 

The Project Duration has fixed Start and End Dates.

Your resources are applied between the Implementation Start Date and End Dates when your Implementation Consultant is applied to your account.  
Implementation Milestone A shared, measurable, agreed definition of implementation success by the Implementation End Date. A shared, measurable, agreed definition of implementation success by the Implementation End Date.
Kick-off Call

We will present & introduce the Project team, including your Account Executive, Implementation Consultant (IC) 
and Customer Success Manager (CSM).

Present & introduce your Project team and lead contact for the Implementation phase of your relationship with Gatekeeper.
Implementation Start Date Have the team ready for this mutually agreed Start Date to begin Implementation.  Have the team ready for this mutually agreed Start Date to begin Implementation. 
Implementation End Date The agreed End Date for the Implementation Phase of our relationship.  The agreed End Date for the Implementation Phase of our relationship. 
Adoption and ROI Maximisation Post-implementation your CSM is attached to your account to support adoption and ROI whilst your AE will provide commercial support.

Regular Executive and Customer Success reviews will take place.
Your resources will be available to attend regular reviews to discuss the value derived from Gatekeeper and agree on additional success criteria to be met.
Data Migration Assistance and advice in importing your data Providing a finalised data set ready for import
Weekly calls Resources available on the same agreed slot per week Resources available on the same agreed slot per week
Workflow Diagram We will apply your feedback within 3 business days Provide feedback/signoff within 4 business days
Workflow Testing We will apply your feedback within 5 business days Provide feedback within 4 business days


Pausing your implementation with Gatekeeper

To ensure the availability of resources for your project we need to plan our implementations around defined start and end dates. Should you need to pause your implementation within the agreed project timeline we are able to support one pause of up to 2 weeks. Please plan to provide the dates of any pre-planned pause time prior to the kick-off of the project.

In the unfortunate situation where you need longer than 2 weeks from the agreed project duration, we will need to place your project into ‘On hold’ mode for up to 2 months. In this event, your Implementation Consultant will be assigned to another project and we cannot guarantee they will be available when you are ready to begin your implementation project. We will need up to 4 weeks to assign the same, or a new, Implementation Consultant.

Communicating with Gatekeeper

All communication with our team will be via the approved Gatekeeper systems and channels. We regret that we are unable to join external customer messaging platforms such as Slack as we need to measure performance to provide you with the highest level of service.

Our standard Implementation includes one weekly call during the project for a maximum of 45 minutes.