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Gatekeeper Onboarding

comprehensive | collaborative | bespoke

Implementing a new Contract Management System into your business needn't feel like a daunting task. At Gatekeeper, we're here to help from the very start.

Our Customer Success Team works closely with you to:

  • Understand your specific requirements
  • Agree onboarding success criteria
  • Map out a clear project timeline
  • Assist with data-mapping, upload and process automation
  • Provide tailored training to you and your team
  • Help you generate value from Gatekeeper as soon as possible
  • Meet and exceed onboarding success criteria

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How we work together


Weekly Scheduled Meetings

To ensure progress is made quickly and smoothly we start with weekly meetings to assign actions and discuss progress.

You’ll have access to Gatekeeper from day one and together with your Implementation Consultant will configure it to your exact requirements.

Weekly check-ins give structure to the process and maintain momentum.


Demonstration & Documentation

It’s vital for us that your team is comfortable using Gatekeeper. That’s why every aspect of your configuration and setup will be demonstrated to you via screensharing and may be recorded for future use.

You’ll also receive personalised onboarding plans and up-to-date action logs giving a clear picture of work completed and outstanding.


Data Mapping & Contract Upload

Each company we work with has unique data requirements and varying volumes of legacy contracts and vendors. We’ve helped all of them to bring that information into Gatekeeper and to start generating more value from it.

Our processes and platform are flexible enough to support whatever your requirements.

Your Implementation Consultant will work closely with you to minimise the amount of manual work required, particularly in relation to legacy contracts.


Automation of complex processes

One of Gatekeeper’s key benefits is being able to automate your business’s processes, helping to cut down the manual work required while also ensuring consistency and compliance.

Our team will work with you to gather requirements, offer suggestions and to build those processes into Gatekeeper ensuring standards are followed and are fully auditable.

Five steps to success


Agree Success


Data Upload &




Training &


Ongoing Support &

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