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Gatekeeper For Vendor Management Teams


Gatekeeper automates and streamlines working with third-parties

Common Vendor Management Challenges

Vendor Compliance and Risk

Compliance & Risk

Working with multiple vendors across different territories means varying compliance requirements. 

It’s important to know at a glance whether those compliance requirements are being met and are up to date.

Vendor Data Quality

Data Quality

Onboarding new vendors and working with them on an ongoing basis requires reliable, up-to-date data. 

Standard processes are not always followed, meaning unnecessary manual effort to complete vendor records and a lack of confidence in data integrity.

Vendor cost control

Cost Control & Performance

Maintaining close oversight on costs and applying a coherent vendor strategy relies on having a complete view of your vendor portfolio. 

Minimising maverick or duplicate spend is a natural priority alongside ensuring that you work with the best and most reliable vendors.

The Gatekeeper Solution

See Everything In One Place

Gatekeeper stores all interactions with your vendors automatically. Drill down from aggregated reporting to individual supplier agreements for the full picture.  

Collaborate with any internal or external stakeholders within a single secure platform.

Centralised Contract Repository

Compliance Made Straightforward

Set your compliance policy at a regional, divisional or business area level and mandate requirements for appropriate vendors.

Report at any time on the current state of compliance and initiate remedial action as required. 

Use our Kanban Workflow Engine to automate periodic reviews and to prompt timely renewal of certifications.


Leverage vendor resource to keep data up to date

Delegate data entry and upkeep to vendors using a dedicated, branded portal and unlimited public forms.

Set tight controls on data requirements using mandated fields and instructions to ensure you only deal with complete records. 

No more chasing vendors for missing or out of date information.

Encourage vendors to self-serve

Want to see more?

The Power of Automation

Digitise and automate  your internal processes using our Kanban Workflow Engine and Gatekeeper to do the heavy lifting for you, 24/7.

Deal with new vendor requests, onboarding and periodic reviews without the need for manual intervention. 

Use SLA data to optimise your processes over time.


Total Control Over Vendor Spend

Track spend across your full vendor portfolio. Break it down by team, business unit or category.

Use our dedicated Spend Module to identify areas for cost consolidation and seamlessly apply your vendor strategy.

Export reports to share with stakeholders and demonstrate the value being generated from your vendor management function.


Integrated Vendor Performance Management

Use Gatekeeper’s integrated Balanced Scorecard function to assess relative vendor performance. 

Plot the results of periodic reviews against other relevant vendors to quickly identify stronger and weaker partners. 

Automatically initiate remedial action as required.