Gatekeeper Contract and Vendor Management Glossary

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Vendor Management

Vendor management is the end-to-end process and range of activities involved in managing vendors.

Activities included in the vendor lifecycle include:

  • Initial identification and engagement
  • Vendor assessment 
  • Evaluation and approval
  • Vendor onboarding 
  • Performance and risk management
  • Supply risk management

Vendor management is important because the relationship between a business and its third parties can determine the success of the business.

They need to be managed effectively to reduce risks such as supply chain disruption, non-compliance and 

Gatekeeper is a vendor management software that provides a dedicated Vendor Portal.

Our software eliminates the manual work associated with vendor management, allowing you to automate information collection and onboarding. 

Combined with Balanced Scorecards and a Risk Module, Gatekeeper provides risk and performance insights.