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Gatekeeper Contract and Vendor Management Glossary

Search common contracting language and take a deeper dive to discover what each means

CLM Maturity Level

A CLM Maturity Level is one of five grading values indicating the assessed state of CLM processes in an organisation:

- Level 1: Ad Hoc. Some localised CLM processes. No formal documentation. No checks for Compliance with processes.
- Level 2: Basic. Some CLM processes and standards exist but are not mandated. No policy for consistent CLM processes for all Contracts.
- Level 3: Structured. Mandatory processes in place. Standard documentation available. Senior management engaged.
- Level 4: Integrated. CLM fully integrated with business functions. Metircs in places to monitor CLM performance.
- Level 5: Optimised. Metrics used across the organisation to optimise processes.

Using CLM software like Gatekeeper can help you to increase your maturity levels by centralising, streamlining and optimising your processes.