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AI, Automation and the Future of Work

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Gatekeeper is an AI-driven contract management solution, helping businesses gain maximum value from their contract and vendor relationships.

Gatekeeper uses AI and automation to help companies manage the large volume of work and data associated with their contracts. By automating processes, Gatekeeper helps businesses work more efficiently, while helping them maintain compliance and minimise costs and risks.

However, in a world of increasing automation there is growing uncertainty about its impact on employment and how the world of work will change.

This is why we want to hear from today’s brightest student minds about what they think the world of work will look like for them and what skills in particular will be important for their future.

At Gatekeeper, we want to understand what today’s students expect the future to look like and to help support learning with our scholarship.

For Your Application

Applicants must write a 1, 000 - 1, 500-word essay which explores the topic:

How are AI and automation software changing students’ expectations about their future employment?

How to Apply

Email your submissions to with the following:

  • Full Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Phone Number
  • Name of University or College
  • University or College Mailing Address
  • Proof of Enrolment (submit as .jpeg, .pdf, or .doc )
  • Your Scholarship Essay submitted as .pdf or .doc

Non-compliance with the above will automatically invalidate your submission.

Please note, once chosen, the winner will be asked to supply a photo to accompany their essay for publication.

Scholarship Amount

The scholarship winner will receive $1,000 to help pay for his/her education expenses ie. tuition, accommodation and travel costs.

Terms & Conditions

Applicants must be a bonafide college student of any accredited college or university in the United States of America.

All submitted work must be the original work of the applicant. 

Applicants may apply once per year. Entering more than once will result in disqualification. 

All scholarships are non-renewable.

Contact Details

E-mail inquiries and submissions to with the subject line: “Gatekeeper Scholarship".

Application Deadline

Submissions must be sent on or before August 1, 2019. Any entry submitted after the deadline will not be considered, regardless of quality.

Judging will take place in August with the winner being announced on August 30, 2019. The winner will be announced through email, via the website and through our social media accounts.

Gatekeeper Privacy Policy

By submitting your application, you are granting Gatekeeper the right to publish your name, university, and photo (winner only) on Gatekeeper’s website. You are also giving Gatekeeper permission to publish your submitted essay. We will remove any personal information that you do not want shared at your request.

All sensitive information relating to submitted entries will be destroyed as soon as the scholarship winner is selected. Emails will not be used for marketing purposes. 


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