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Gatekeeper For Sales Teams


Gatekeeper automates the contract creation and sign-off processes for Sales Teams

Common Sales Challenges

Time to Signature


Closing deals as quickly and accurately as possible is key for generating revenue. 

Gatekeeper makes it easy for your team to generate new contracts from agreed templates and to sign them using its integrated electronic signature function.

Multiple Systems

Working across multiple systems

Forcing your sales team to learn and use more systems will usually result in slower sales velocity.

By integrating Gatekeeper with your sales software, they need never leave the core sales platform.

Tracking activity

Tracking activity accurately

Having a reliable, auditable record of all your sales team’s activity is vital for ongoing optimisation and improvement. 

Gatekeeper maintains flawless contract records, full version control and time-stamped entries for all actions.

The Gatekeeper Solution

Integrated Electronic Signatures

Gatekeeper speeds up your time-to-signature through its integrated electronic signature solution - eSign.

Generate an approved contract directly from your sales platform and send it directly for signature.

No need to move between platforms and no contracts stored in silos or team members’ email accounts.


Kickstart Your Contract's Lifecycle

As soon as your contract is signed, the necessary metadata is recorded in Gatekeeper and further actions can be automated. 

Track subsequent delivery against obligations, record reviews and begin renewal processes in a timely fashion to ensure favourable terms.

Contract Lifecycle

Fully Auditable Contract History

By utilising Gatekeeper, every contract has a full record of activities carried out upon it, tied to specific dates and personnel. 

Dig into any record to understand how your team’s performing and identify areas for optimisation.

contract timeline

Want to see more?

Automated, Timely Renewals Management

Utilise Gatekeeper’s clear renewals timeline to track key dates for all contracts. 

Use dates to trigger automated renewal workflows and help your team to negotiate from a position of strength.


Control & Consistency

Generate agreements from approved templates and ensure your team follows mandated processes. 

No more unexpected clauses or maverick deals.

Contract Templates