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Gatekeeper For Operations Teams


Gatekeeper helps to drive operational efficiency, business-wide

Common Operations Challenges

People, Process, Technology

People, Process, Tech

The holy trinity of operations management. Easy to visualise, hard to implement. 

The efficiency and profitability of your business relies on backing up your people and processes with the right systems.

Operations focus

Where to focus attention

Working across so many different business areas means you need at-a-glance access to data and management information. 

The more fragmented your data, the harder it is to know what needs your input.

 Cost control

Cost Control

Driving efficiency across the business should ultimately result in cost-savings.

Measuring this impact is crucial to demonstrating the value of the Operations function. 

The Gatekeeper Solution

One Solution, Multiple Applications

Gatekeeper’s flexible platform provides the solution to a multitude of business issues. 

Manage the full contract lifecycle, including negotiation, redlining & electronic signature as well as ongoing storage and renewal management. 

Keep your tech stack costs to a minimum.


Single Source of Truth

Easy access to review your contract and vendor portfolios. 

High level dashboards present a quick overview and can easily be drilled into for specific actions. 

Contract value, spend, risk and renewal data all at your fingertips for better decision-making.

Executive (1)

Business-wide Adoption

Gatekeeper’s unlimited user model means all required stakeholders can collaborate with ease and without cost implications. 

Gatekeeper's elegant interface and high usability helps to overcome “new system reluctance” and quickly turns sceptics into advocates.

Centralise Employee Requests

Want to see more?

The Power of Automation

Tired of your carefully-crafted processes not being followed?

Use Gatekeeper’s Kanban Workflow Engine to digitise your company processes and watch them run 24/7. 

Use public forms, mandatory data fields and SLAs to optimise your processes and solve bottlenecks.


Protect Confidential Information

Information security has to be a business priority. 

Limit access to contract and vendor information using individual and role-based controls. 

Fully defensible audit trails help to minimise your business’s risk exposure.

Audit trails