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Gatekeeper Contract and Vendor Management Glossary

Search common contracting language and take a deeper dive to discover what each means

Contract Expiration Date

Definition: An Expiration Date is the ending of any fixed period during which a Contract is operational. 

A contract expiration date is a critical element in contract management, marking the end of a contract's validity. It dictates the timeframe within which the terms of the contract are enforceable and both parties are obligated to fulfill their commitments. Identifying and monitoring these dates is essential for effective contract management and ensuring that all contractual obligations are met within the specified period.

Risks of Missed Contract Expiry Dates
Missing a contract expiry date can lead to several risks. For instance, businesses might unexpectedly lose access to essential services, causing operational disruptions. Vendors risk continuing to provide services without receiving payment. 

Expired contracts can lead to compliance issues, such as the obligation to delete confidential information or transfer certain assets, which, if not adhered to, can result in legal repercussions.

Businesses with manual contracting processes often lack visibility of contract expiration dates, putting their business at risks including: 

  • Not leaving enough time to review alternatives ahead of a renewal
  • Not being able to serve notice if appropriate and contracts renewing
  • Duplicate and delinquent spend from unintended renewals
  • Operational delays or failure if the contract comes to an end without the organisation knowing. 

The Role of VCLM Software in Managing Contract Expiration Dates

Vendor and Contract Lifecycle Management (VCLM) software offers a comprehensive solution to manage these risks. VCLM integrates vendor management into the contract lifecycle, offering a holistic view of business relationships and compliance.  This software makes contract expiration dates easy to track and manage with: 

  • Datea stored in a secure, accessible central repository 
  • Automated alerts sent to contract owners driven by the date
  • Automated workflows that make it easy to see where a contract is in its lifecycle 
  • Dashboards that use a colour scheme to indicate the urgency of the expiration to help you prioritise action

VCLM software alerts owners that contracts are reaching their expiry and action needs to be taken, whether that's a renewal or close-out.

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