As a global, fully remote company, with Gatekeepers based in 18 countries, we have a unique opportunity to make an impact as a force for good across all of our locations.

With this in mind, we developed Gatekeeper for Good, our company-wide social impact initiative.


Match Funding

We recognise the incredible work carried out by local non-profit and community groups across all of our locations. They play a vital role in supporting vulnerable people, often without the high profile or volume of donations enjoyed by larger charitable organisations.

To support these fantastic initiatives, we provide match funding of up to $1,000 a year per Gatekeeper towards local fundraising events and initiatives.



Melanie Moshi, Customer Success Manager: “I ran a small fundraising campaign for my birthday in aid of H7G (Healing of the Seven Generations) which provides healing and support for Indigenous peoples in Canada. This is a cause that is deeply important to me and Gatekeeper For Good’s match funding helped to make every dollar raised more impactful”.


Matt Langlois, Senior Account Executive: “My partner and I took part in the annual Carman's Fun Run this year, raising funds for Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA). We were able to smash our $500 goal, raising more than $1,200 with the support of Gatekeeper and the Gatekeeper for Good Program, putting us in the top 5% of fundraising teams!
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Dan Theze, Account Executive: “I was proud to take part in the National 3 Peaks Challenge with 7 fellow Gatekeepers. With Gatekeeper’s support we were thrilled to raise more than £3,000 for SOS Children’s Villages’ new computer lab in Sierra Leone”.


Andy Oliver, Head of Revenue: “New Beginnings supports families in my local community who are affected by domestic violence as they transition from refuges and local authority provided care to their new homes. With Gatekeeper’s match funding donation, we were able to support 30 families with the delivery of Christmas hampers, including everyone’s favourite blue dragon, Scorch!


Amit Sawhney, Account Executive: “Every time I visit my home, I make sure to visit this orphanage and fulfil as many requirements as possible for them. They rely entirely on charitable donations to be able to feed all of the children. Thanks to Gatekeeper (and of course, Scorch), I was able to provide enough grocery items for around 50 kids to have three meals for 6 days”.


Henal Patel, Account Executive: “I had the absolute honour of donating school supplies to children supported by a local school foundation in Nepal, as part of a personal fundraising project, supported by Gatekeeper for Good. . “The foundation provides education, shelter, and food every day until the children finish school at 18, providing them with the best possible start to their lives.


Sam Pavitt, Head of Product: ”I am involved in fundraising activities for my friend’s daughter, Jessica Butler. At two-years old, Jessica was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive childhood cancer. Thanks to Gatekeeper’s donation, I was able to provide more support to help towards the cost of specialist treatment, which is potentially life saving for Jessica. She is already responding well to the treatment, which is wonderful, and I am delighted that we were able to contribute.




Corporate Giving

To further support our communities, we also make a quarterly donation to non-profit groups nominated by Gatekeepers and have been proud to contribute to many excellent causes that have a personal connection for our team members.

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SOS Children’s Villages is a global federation operating in 138 countries and territories around the world. Founded in 1949, it is the world’s largest non-governmental organisation focused on supporting children and young people without parental care or at risk of losing it.

They ensure children and young people have the bonds they need by preventing families from breaking down, protecting children, and advocating for children and young people. They empower individual children, young people and families, and develop a range of quality programmes and services suitedAPZ_1449 to their individual needs and local contexts. 

In partnership with communities, they develop local infrastructure and run kindergartens, daycare centres, schools, vocational training centres and medical facilities. Amid the global youth unemployment crisis, they also help young people to get the skills they need to find decent work and become resilient adults that contribute to their societies. ​

Gatekeeper is very proud to support SOS Children’s Villages ‘Digital Villages’ initiative, which aims at integrating technology into children’s and families’ everyday lives.​ The project will ensure that children in SOS Children’s Villages’ programmes worldwide have access to computers and the internet, with tailored e-learning courses necessary to develop digital literacy. Additionally, online psychological support will be offered for children and young people in SOS family strengthening programmes.​

In 2023, Gatekeeper’s donation to this programme will go towards building a computer laboratory in Bo, Sierra Leone, where children and young people currently have very limited or no access to computers.


88Bikes The 88bikes Foundation provides a simple and direct way to make a difference for a heroic girl, especially the survivors of human trafficking:

Buy a girl a bike and she can go anywhere!

Bicycles are donated to help girls attend school and work, enabling them to reach their potential.

Onward learning and business opportunities are then further facilitated with training and business grants.
Gatekeeper donates the funds for more than one bike per month to 88bikes.

Find out how to support 88 bikes here.




The Ark2030 Foundation is a mission-driven foundation that seeks to reverse the climate crisis by supporting the three core pillars of the mission.


The Foundation works as an engine of change by restoring the world’s greatest ecosystems, investing in the businesses that are addressing the climate crisis and educating the next generation of global citizens to take greater care of planet Earth. 

We are very proud that Gatekeeper is a founding partner of Ark2030and we continue to support their Ecosystem and Restore initiatives.

Find out how to support Ark2030 here.




Phuket Elephant Sanctuary is pioneering ethical elephant tourism in Thailand. 

They rescue sick, injured and old elephants who have spent their entire lives working in the logging and tourism industries.

Endorsed by National Geographic and World Animal Protection, Phuket Elephant Sanctuary is a final home where rescued elephants have the freedom to roam, bathe, forage and socialise freely.

Gatekeeper has been a long running supporter of the wonderful work they do at the Sanctuary. 

We were able to provide additional support during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, when they were facing huge challenges due to the lack of visitors to the reserve.

This enabled them to continue to support their herd and to rescue more working elephants who were in dire condition.Find out how to support the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary here.